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The Day I Started Flying

by Nikhila Chalamalasetty

ISBN: 9781545719350

Pages: 99, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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Disability. Is it really that powerful to destroy all your dreams and make you vulnerable? No. Absolutely not. None of us has the ability to ace in everything. Then why make one limitation take unfair advantage of all your capabilities. Can you name a person who has all? No, if you can see closely. Life offers everybody an equal share of opportunities; it's we who must grab them for our good. Before we reach those opportunities, there will be myriads of obstacles to cross, and I know very well it's not that easy. But it's neither that difficult and definitely, not impossible. By obstacles, I meant people, circumstances, and our own inhibitions. None of these are too big to get over. People may try to make you weak. Some with sympathy, some with underestimation and some with ignorance but that's not true. Stop admitting it. You are much more than that. Rediscover the power within you. This book paints the picture of my story as a girl with a disability and how I have been reaching all my destinations. "Come what may, I have my own way to fight it back." "Turn every obstacle into an opportunity." "Break every inhibition." "Be the one you aspire to."