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The Diary Boys

by Rohit Raj Chauhan

ISBN: 9781618135063

Pages: 281, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Well, when the four old times friends Ayush, Amit, Vivek and Rahul take up decision to write a diary about the things happening in their life but, with a condition that the diary would rotate among them every month, their lives gives them ridiculous experiences to write. In the process they reveal their personal struggles, misadventures and their inability to accept things as they are. Ayush, a good homely neighborhood boy never thought that he would take smoking lessons from the girl whom he loved. Amit not in this world imagined that his foolhardy act at the auditions of a famous singing reality show would land him as a laughing stock on TV. Rahul after having a handful of sleeping pills and after being convinced that he was dead, to his dismay wakes up to find out that he was not! Vivek simply has to live with the fact that the girl he had his crush on got pregnant in a casual affair with some guy of her colony.