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The Divine Love

by Monica Sanadhay

ISBN: 9781545729434

Pages: 67, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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India's most prized resource in today's knowledge-based economy is its available technical workforce, especially in the IT sector. As the IT industry in India matures, this shall become an impediment for growth, due to lack of trained manpower for product-based and research-based products. Though there are adequate human resources in India, the most challenging task is to train those human resources in an effective manner to meet the expectations of the industry. The growth of the software industry depends on the success of the projects undertaken. This, in turn, creates higher employment opportunities in that sector. One of the most important requirements to achieve high success rate in the projects is the availability of competent software engineers. Developing competent software engineers can be achieved only through proper formal education and relevant training as required by the industry. The future success of this industry depends more on the quality of education to meet the global competitive market. This book focuses on identifying the deficiencies in the present curricula of software engineering programmes, their implementation and various methods for enhancing the curricula of undergraduate programmes, faculty competencies, instructional delivery and the skill sets of software graduates.