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The Fabulous Four and The Mystery of The Lost Treasure

by Lakshmi C

ISBN: 9781618138347

Pages: 94, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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The fabulous four are 4 teenagers who have formed their own detective society. Their dads work for the Pune Detective Society (PDS). This time the FABULOUS FOUR (FF) faces a very dangerous mystery with life threatening challenges. They discover long lost treasures and bravely handle everything alone without a grown-up. It is an imagined story about how the Fabulous Four manage to unravel another mystery. The Pune Detective Society (PDS) were after a treasure buried 218 years ago by King Amirakshan Veer somewhere near the inscription. The four go forward to help them. But can they get out unharmed from such a life threatening adventure? Can they get past all the hurdles and difficulties without a scratch? Can they once more earn name and fame for solving a puzzle the govt. couldn’t? Will they be able to get past personal emotions and continue with the only aim of getting to the bottom of this sudden, queer mystery? Well, I shouldn’t tell you anything more, or else the story would get finished here itself. So go on. What is stopping you? Turn the page but I warn you, there is one severe problem with this book. Once you take it, you can’t keep it.