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The Girl in My Dream

by Uma Lalitha

ISBN: 9789388719544

Pages: 187, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Her Dreams are haunting. Her Dreams are real. Her Dreams are the key to dark secrets buried in the past in the 1940s, famine swept Kunnuruthy town and a young boy named Jagan teamed up with the tribals and revolted against the British for the collection of taxes, but he got fatally injured in the end. In the present, Jagan is old and is running an orphanage and Maya, a young girl who arrives at his orphanage constantly dreams of a strange girl who leads her to a door through a secret tunnel. Maya finds that the girl's name was Nila and sixty years ago, the girl had lived at the same mansion which was now the orphanage. She was in love with Jagan and something terrible had happened to her, which Maya have to find out. Told in two-time lines, 1940s during the British rule in India and 2005, this book is about how the lives of the two girls are intertwined together and how Maya and her friends eventually discover the chilling dark secrets buried years ago.