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The Hotel Window

by Sriharsha Sripada

ISBN: 9781618134288

Pages: 169, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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An intense love and romantic suspense story with each of the three parts ending with a thrilling revelation of how Vivek's and Alisha's lives change in a span of one week. Vivek is a computer programmer who is hard-working, sincer and reserved by nature. After his college, he has spent 4 years of his life just in working hard and earning a good reputation in his office, forgetting the need for a girl who would stand by him forever and make love to him. Though he meets many, he feels he is not good at impressing a girl with smart talks. One day, seeing a 21-year old beautiful, brainy and opulent girl, Alisha, from Dubai, who comes as a guest to the famous 5-star hotel beside his company, he falls in love with her in the first sight. He does all the crazy things he never did in his life to meet her and talk to her. One week after he saw her, she leaves Bangalore to fly back to Dubai without telling him and leaves a clue to find her. Did Vivek find his love? What is Alisha's intention behind such a clue? Does she have another life which Vivek doesn't know about? Would Vivek face an unexpected shock of his life? A tale that's an exciting amalgamation of science, psychology, logic, cryptography, business and secret codes – which runs with tremendous pace, suspense, twists and a love that spellbinds the readers and keeps them glued to the book till the last white empty page!