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The Lucky Killer

by Dhruvin Trivedi

ISBN: 9781618136084

Pages: 398, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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The LUCKY Killer is a story where a killer is doing his best to slaughter his targets in the metropolitan cities, on the other side, a detective is trying his best to trace down the killer and the reason of slaughtering the said targets. It is an intrigue ride of Prehlaj Johar, the detective, who travels the metropolitan cities to catch the killer but every time all he finds is a piece of paper. It is a definite page turner that will take you through the streets of the major cities of India and will give you chills through your body as the story progresses. Readers…stop biting your nails and read how Prehlaj use the piece of paper as a clue and will he be able to track down the killer? Will he ever be able to know the reason behind these killings? Or will the killer never be caught? And why is he the LUCKY killer?