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The Making of International Citizen - More than a Second Class Citizen

by Sankalp Jagati

ISBN: 9781545719244

Pages: 316, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Dreams, dreams, dreams...aspirations, fantasies. I get it my way, you get it your way. Rajan (Raja) Chowdhary an Information technology graduate from Gurgaon (IT hub of North India) with a King in his name gets his way. My way, and your way is straight as an "Imarti" (Intricately designed Indian dessert in a circular shape) get in there and do it. Go round & round, will reach somewhere, somehow, someday, if still survive by the end of it. Raja thinks differently, he's wired differently. His philosophy belongs to the "School of Why waste time writing codes, doing lengthy bids; suck on to unpleasant faces (clients) and finally get caught up in performance management, office bullshit and never ending world of doing the same things over and over again to the grave with no guarantees. Set out in the backdrop of IT and services revolution leading to transcontinental migration, Raja shoulders the dream of billions. As Raja moved overseas, he was in for a 'shocker'. Little did Raja know the vagaries of corporate life that he may bump into and get smitten by the beautiful forces followed by chain of events, boardroom drama and some 'Corporate Masala' leading towards the Final Frontier? Who were those Beautiful forces? What were the chain of events and the final frontier..? Did Raja made it till the end. Did he get what he set out to achieve, his way. The Making of "International Citizen" provides a peep into cultural insights, while breaking few stereotypes. Finally the book answers some of the questions of getting where lots of professionals aspire to be one day, narrated in a witty and different approach.