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The Path and Other Short Stories

by Gaja

ISBN: 9781545703113

Pages: 213, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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A compilation of short stories, describing lighter moments of life, its trials and tribulations, overcoming odds and succeeding. The potpourri of short stories venture into the realms of fantasy, love, friendship, future and folklore. Protagonists of might, intellect and humility fight with hope, faith, love and knowledge to win. A gist of some of the stories: 'Dainty' looks at love in a different light. 'Competition' values freedom and depicts the struggle to attain it, anywhere in this universe. 'The Path' is a way of life we all would like to follow. 'The ride' deals with the unknown. 'Waves' is the result of meddling in arcane rituals. 'Light' is heavy on friendship, hope and deliverance. Other stories are insightful, funny and can be read in the book.