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The Ran Away Hostel Warden

by Baban

ISBN: 9781618138941

Pages: 182, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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The Ran Away Hostel Warden' An innocent teacher and inhospitable world, is a fiction romance and crime novel, where a boy named Jasper, looking for a job just after his bachelor degree, joined a private high school as a hostel warden cum teaching staff. With his hard work in teaching hostel students, he awarded with the best teacher award three times consecutively. However, in the fourth year of his duty, he fixes into a controversy, the blame for kidnapping and murdering a hostel student from the same hostel and he left no alternatives to prove himself an innocent. Being petrified completely, he decided to leave the institution forever and flew away from the hostel, but could not hide anywhere besides, caught by police officers. The story is all about how did this hostel warden proved him an innocent dealing with the inhospitable world and saved his drowning reputation back.