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The Red Hibiscus

by Rupak Ghosh

ISBN: 9781618135650

Pages: 83, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Set in the backdrop of today's Kolkata, "The Red Hibiscus" is a touching love story of two strangers who happen to find themselves standing at the cross roads of life in the most unexpected way. Brishti is well settled in Mumbai but decides to fly back to Kolkata the night before her 27th birthday. She needs to dispose of the sole remnants of her parents in the "City of Joy" --- "Mohur Kunj", the parental property that she bequeathed last year. On her maiden visit to the city after her dad's demise, she finds herself completely lost and all by herself in a magical city -- a city which even a year back was her very own. What unfolds next is a saga of excitement, unexpectedness, romance and heart breaks but not necessarily in the same order of precedence. As she embarks on a journey that destiny has skillfully crafted for her, she manages not only to stay afloat but also figure out a true meaning to her life. A page turner in its own merit, "The Red Hibiscus" takes its readers around some renowned places in the city intermittently enriching them with a knowhow of these places and triggers a journey from their inception decades back to the present day states. In the process, it cleverly manages to weave behind a web of thought in the minds of its readers -- is it then the right time to pack your bags and head back home before it gets too late for ever?