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The Secrets of Awetosa

by Ananthasairam Rangarajan

ISBN: 9781545729243

Pages: 129, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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The children's novel 'The Secrets of Awetosa' is a fantasy adventure of four kids. One day the children happen to hear a secret from their Grandma. Out of curiosity, they want to explore whether the Grandma's fears are true. They hit out a plan. In the process, they are led to an Unknown Island, which is far away from the Earth. Their delight turns into disaster and the kids face many troubles during the escapade, and being helped by the natives, they solve the problems with diligence. The children know the values of life as their expedition proceeds. They discover how to take on the position when it gets out of hand, using their presence of intellect. The author told bedtime stories to his children when they were young. The tradition continued to his grandchildren too. At the request of his siblings, he brought out this book.