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The Voice of A Betrayed Indian

by R.S. Lakshmi

ISBN: 9781618136664

Pages: 101, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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This book is an attempt made to torch lights upon the concealed parts of many social issues at the dawn of the structured-modern society. When we come to speak about society, it is factual to say that society is dynamic in nature. Only when change befalls, the society can have its progress. However, here one has to look out what kind of change we require and be wary about the consequences of the change which we are about to face in future. Not all change is progress. Violence, poverty, corruption, human rights violations and racism are some of the major problems that we citizens of India face in everyday life. Urbanization and Industrialization has a great impact in the current functions and changes of society’s major institutions, including family system, culture and women empowerment, which demands to expose the untold part of it. It is time to critically analyse and get clear with the change and problems of the society by understanding its root cause to find solutions at 360 degree perspective Hope that this book will help to do that and inspire many people to work for the real development that this nation is longing for. Certainly, this book will be a twitch to all those who want to have a glimpse upon the obvious but unseen social problems.