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Thoughts of a Young Man

by Joyjit Chatterjee

ISBN: 9781545707456

Pages: 140, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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Today's youth has some extremely negative connotations, which is slowly leading them to depression and anxiety, giving rise to social evils. The rapid switchover from the good old books to the addictive technology and computer games reminds of the good old days of the 90's, when people would wait at a bookstore to grab a copy of that special book before the stock was over, when the youth would play Kho-Kho and Carrom and winning that game would give the happiness that money couldn't buy. In those days, reading a short poem would give inner peace to an individual .Through this short collection of poems, random thoughts and inspirational quotes, every person in his/her young days, right from teenagers to university students, from fresh graduates to professionals, would be able to relate with themselves in some way or other, the thoughts unfolding in this book.