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Translated from Life - The Hundred Accounts

by Shravan Mothay

ISBN: 9781545709269

Pages: 134, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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The plethora of the pain is evitable in life and it is a privilege to deal with it in the most beautiful form and pen it down. It is then, the pain becomes soothing and something that never hinders one. The feelings are better when it is captured in the silence of the words, the formed poetry adds a rhythm to it and it becomes a song that soothes every heart. Here, few poetry that I have jotted down is straight from the heart and translated from life. I have a sincere feeling, jotting it down as I saw and felt it. I never wanted to decorate it with fake feeling or words and I did not. It is as raw and naked translated, as I with my naked eye saw, as I trotted along the path of life. And what better it would have been to be able to say these feelings to the world, I have known no other way. I should go along with poems all the time Hasn’t anything learnt that ye consider prime Let paucity remain all the while If with it, it is such, I am just agile.