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Turn on and Tune in Home Science Questions

by Khushboo Shimran,Ravi Kumar,Sabita Mishra

ISBN: 9781618137326

Pages: 176, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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Home Science is inter-related and inter-oven with science and arts. It performs like the both sides of a coin. It is the home based science which helps a person for better management of family, nutrition, wealth, children, animal resources, fuel, fodder, water etc. Home Science has been the national and international stream for development and livelihood. But there are some important issues to cater the needs of the students. Hence, the detailed information will give the opportunity to reach back and discover scores of half-forgotten literatures that still inform the consciousness of the courses for S.A.U semester exam, I.C.A.R. (J.R.F., S.R.F., PhD and A.R.S.), UGC-NET and other competitive examinations. Therefore, authors have tried to touch all these important points from research, extension and training through development of objective questions with answers covering all disciplines of Home Science. We hope, the book will be of great help to those who are concerned with competitive examinations and empowerment of women.