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The Twelve Laws of Limitless Living

by Vijay Krishna


Pages: 53, 5x8, English
Available Types: E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction
E-book: Rs.99 (PDF, delivered in 24 Working Hours)



The book explores the little known truths related to human troubles- physical, mental, spiritual, personal, professional and financial and suggests ways and means to take control of various aspects of life. The tested ‘The Twelve Laws of Limitless Living’ will help lead your life characterized by following benefits.: 1. Higher creativity level which helps in solving a problem by thinking innovatively. 2. Effortless decision-making power which saves precious time and ensures right decisions guided by intuition. 3. Freedom from emotional garbage, fear, phobias and karmic blocks which foil success. 4. Maintaining happy, fulfilling and enduring relations with others. 5. Stress, fear and conflict-free living. 6. Sustaining emotional stability, balance and beauty. 7. Higher positivity, passion and energy levels.