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UFO: The Mystery Begins - Get Ready to be Perplexed

by Aryan Gupta

ISBN: 9781618137494

Pages: 266, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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A U.F.O, often called flying disc or (Undefined flying object). First seen in World War. According to the soldiers fighting, also believe that there's a relationship between UFOs and famous dictator Adolf Hitler. People believing this also say that Hitler never died; he’s still alive on any other planet and an alien. It has been clarified in many ancient photos, that Adolf Hitler committed suicide with a girl he loved. UFO is also related to the people of other planet known by we humans as species, ‘Aliens’. Many robotic machines were sent by NASA to mars. No new news except, ‘NEW PLANET FOUND,’ or ‘ALIEN FIGURE FOUND,’ The story is based on three children who get to know some of the biggest mysteries in the world. Including second birth of famous dictator Adolf Hitler, who was an alien, and formation of new planet with germination of new kind of species.