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Untitled: Every life needs a Name

by Manik Nath, Ashish Malviya

ISBN: 9789385247514

Pages: 268, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Written in backdrop of years to 1998 to 2009, a twenty first century story about two best friends and their simple love stories; A tale of friendship, love and life. Aayush aka Pappi and Anupam for whom life is about following their heart; Bunking classes, movies, hanging out in woods, picnics by the banks of river Betwa. They fall in love with two simple yet beautiful girls and start acting foolish. One day impatient Pappi proposes Rinki on the road while she was going to the bus stop for school. Rinki is scared. She denies and runs away. Pappi is heartbroken. That evening he is at the receiving end from both the mothers. Now he has to achieve something in life to get his love. Anupam wants to get into Abhishikta’s good books before proposing her. Once he is advised by one of his friends Shekar to puncture Abhishikta's scooter outside the coaching class and then help her. This way he would get to spend half a day with her. But Anupam runs out of luck and some other guy gets the chance. As the story unveils hard truths of life and hilarious stupidity of teenagers, the question remains will the two boys get the love of their life.