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Untouched Ways of Life

by Rakesh Kumar Nanda

ISBN: 9781545712351

Pages: 119, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Life is uncertain, but God has made our destinies certain. A game evolves around this phenomenon of certainty & uncertainty which brings taste in our life. Everyone's life is made up of both good and bad moments. Good things give encouragement while bad incidents give experience, a mixture of which fuels the journey of our life. Friendship, Love, Success, Failure, Betrayal, Jealousy are the co-passengers in this journey, which come from different phases of our life & affect our journey with their perceptions. At the dawn of our life, when we look back into it, we find it as a book of such experiences. If we can imagine then we will find that we go through different types of books as different persons, in our day to day life. Walking through various paths of life, everyone has a bunch of stories in his or her life. Among those, some stories are shared & some secret stories are best kept hidden. Though we never speak of such kind of stories they still find a special place in our memory as they teach us an important lesson on that period of our life. We keep that part of our life untouched from all. But some time our mind wanders to those untouched ways of life.