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Use of Videos in Developing Oral Expressions of Students

by Ami Rathod

ISBN: 9781545718377

Pages: 96, 6x9, English
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Genre: Academic

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In this book I have tried to report the experimental research work conducted by me on the use of videos in developing oral expression of students. Language is a skill and it comprises of four skills eg. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Speaking is an expression skill and this could be developed when more and more listening is given to students. Whenever I used to see videos on YouTube I always thought about developing speaking skills with the help of videos, as this is the medium through which the student not only listens the language but also visualize the things. As a member of CTE College we have to conduct projects under the centrally sponsored scheme, to conduct this project I decided to work on the topic which I always used to think about. I took up the topic and conducted an experimental study to develop (oral expression) speaking skill of students through using videos. This book is a report of the work done by me. It is a very small effort in the field of education but I believe that this book will be very useful for the teachers who are concerned for developing language skills of students. Same type of study could be conducted to develop other skills also. Teacher educators and planners could also use the implications of research while planning curriculum/meterials for teachers and students. The ensuing pages of the work are the cumulative consequence of extensive work. Hence, I wish to acknowledge and express my personal gratitude to them without whom this work could not have been reality. I am highly grateful to the Principal of School, Teachers who helped me in conducting classes and Students on whom the study was conducted. I express my gratitude and indebtedness to all those video makers, writers and researchers whose work I have used in this study. My hearty thanks to my family members, friends and well wishers due to their blessings I have been able to write this book. - Dr. AMI RATHORE