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Utterance - A Voice of Poesy

by Vagisha

ISBN: 9781545711798

Pages: 96, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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Hope it unsettles you for this bilingual collection of poems makes a dynamic read while making you hover over the unusual themes and language of poems. It is a deliberate attempt to bring the common experiences together in two different languages instead of compartmentalizing the movements and progress and also questioning the assumptions of division on the basis of cultural facts, those which life outgrows for sure while talking about the subjugation of natural identities of men and women, domestic violence, isolating experiences of modern life and the compulsive need to keep up the appearance of normalcy while we are constantly unhappy and struggling. It questions the class division in rarest of ways through the poem- Revolution which unveils the true potential and strength of all the subaltern masses for whom the politics of the author strongly speaks. The collection will take you towards a new, introspective and inclusive literature.