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Viplav Chaurahe Par

by Viplav Vikas

ISBN: 9781545720028

Pages: 137, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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This book is the voice of power full and energetic youths who are unable to set the direction of flow of their valuable energy and time in this directionless, corrupted, selfish and national aimless society. The energetic youths are portrayed as "Viplav", who are the strong medium of positive change in our society. The author of the book feels that this energy of world is getting lost. He says that Viplav is in dilemma, who in spite of having exuberant energy, will power, goals and ambitions don't know - how and where to go ? If you work the thoughts of the author you'll find strong feelings, commitment and will power of the author who by god's grace is providing his selfless service for betterment of the society and serving as a strong doze of inspiration for others that works like a forever burning lamp in today's strong storm.