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A Walk on the Drops - A Collection of Short Stories

by Akash Vashisth

ISBN: 9781545713389

Pages: 150, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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We all dream. Dream about love, success, money, and having a perfect life full of fun and enjoyment. Most of us stay in our soothing dreamland, and try to keep ourselves cocooned from the harsh realities of life as it shatters all our dreams of having a life we aspire. We deal with numerous incidents every day. Some gives us new experiences, some gives us hope for living with our dreams intact, and some brings us a step closer to the reality. Such Incidents make up for the stories you tell others. It can be anything from your childhood stints, about your first crush, about love and betrayal. Life is comparable to rain, as rain has thousands and thousands of drops, and life has as many incidents which make up different aspects of life. Though, it has to end one day; I hereby ask you to take "A Walk on the Drops", a collection of short stories which will give you an insight of life from different perspectives.