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Western Ghats - From Ecology To Economics

by Shanu Shanavas, Sumesh A K & Haris P M

ISBN: 9789385247583

Pages: 194, 8x11, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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The hill chain of Western Ghats, a treasure trove of biodiversity and the water tower of peninsular India has been engrossed the attention of various stakeholders all over the world. This region is identified as one among the eight hottest hotspots of biodiversity and hence attracted worldwide attention. This book is a compilation of various research articles related to Western Ghats, its ecology, environment, geography, biodiversity, etc. The editors have taken utmost care to include articles related to various issues such as, the debates over WGEEP and HLWG reports, studies on mining and quarrying activities, agriculture and allied activities, issues related to sustainable agricultural practices, agrarian distress, impact of migration, changing land use pattern, other economic activities and its impact on the environment and ecology, etc. The book offers an insight into the concerns of the farmers and offers policy solutions wherever possible.