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What is Love? - Maybe I'll Find Out…

by Anubhav Singh

ISBN: 9781545702697

Pages: 205, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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"I failed. So what?? Am I uselesss?? People should look down on me. Isn't it?? No?? But people do." Ansh is a boy of a small town who fails in class 11. He is criticised a lot by people. He finally decides to face everyone and to repeat class 11. But his story turns up when he falls for the topper of his class while repeating. Will he be able to get her? Or will he drop the idea of getting her and will look for his friend Sara? He even likes Sara's odour. Most of our's first love happens in school. Mostly that love comes out to be just an attraction. Because immaturity still prevails while we are in school. This story deals with blind love between two teens, insecurity, immaturity, friendship and break ups. Lets go on an incomplete love story which is yet to be completed.