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Where Share is Like Love - An Entrepreneur's Study of Users Behaviour on Facebook

by Rakesh Sidana

ISBN: 9781545708033

Pages: 65, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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This book is about behavior of users on Social Media, particularly Facebook. The book is a fast read and you can't stop yourself changing your mindset towards some of the routine Facebook experiences. Selfie, tagging, making like-minded friends, chatting are just to name a few. Every chapter will leave you smiling the way the author walks you through these Facebook features with a pinch of humor. This book will show you how you can win opportunities on Facebook, get recognition and go far with people. It will reveal how Facebook is beyond gossips. Social networks are not about you. It is about all of us together. It is about getting social. The book also talks about Artificial Intelligence, robots and how Fb is changing lives of billion.