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Wisdom Capsules - From the Diary of the Visionary of Truth

by Debashis Barah

ISBN: 9781545712542

Pages: 163, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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Wisdom Capsules' is not a how-to manual for people to do and achieve things. It is a treasure having all the wisdom of the Visionary of Truth which anyone can imbibe and lead a life of significance. It is not meant to be used as a self-help manual for finding solutions to day-to-day problems but to be used rather as a guide for attaining enlightenment in various practical situations in life. This book is meant to help people search deep in their lives to find answers to fundamental questions that relate to their self-identity and individuality. This book tries to give a glimpse of the mindset and the thought process of the Visionary of Truth. It is not easy to define a Visionary of Truth in one line. The Visionary of Truth is a realized soul. The most important question that one should ask is why a Visionary of Truth behaves the way he does? The main purpose of this book is to share with the readers some of the basic characteristics of a Visionary of Truth that differentiate him from the rest of the people in this world. The purpose of this book is not to teach one to become a Visionary of Truth. But the ideas and the thoughts contained in this book can definitely make one think beyond one’s limitations and can help to cross the boundaries of ignorance and enter the zone of blissful living.