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by Manoj Vedprakash Pandey

ISBN: 9789388381000

Pages: 150, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Any habit or ritual is not born in a single day. the believes and customs that our society is based on, is formed by the collective thought and analysis of the religious gurus, the heads of the society and the people of a era. Only then it becomes a part of our culture. The present generation with respect to time and changes in the society is free to make amendments on it. The choice of our education, career and living is broadly based on our status and opportunities received, rather than our caste or religion. One does not make friends and neighbours according to religious believes. A common man today is hardly bothered about the caste or religion of his friends and known, and at times his own too. The ones who are mostly bothered about this are the corrupt politicians who keep fuming these religious barriers and use the common man's emotions for their own selfish interest. The present composition portrays the situation of a Hindu priest in the present world and society. It shows his inner conflict regarding his identity. And his utility (whether there or not). His struggle with the present tech-savvy and fast changing society.