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You Made Me What I Am

by Biplab Kumar Das

ISBN: 9781618136893

Pages: 130, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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"You Made Me What I Am" is all about the tragedy, romance and experiences that a simple boy, a student of B.Tech faces in his life. It is a romantic suspense novel. Arya, a student of B.Tech tall, gangly and introvert, he is not every girls dream boy falls in love with Ayesha who reminds him of Promises and Forever. Ayesha was from the same college but she never talk with Arya during the course. Their first conversation start through Facebook and they fall in love. There was no similarity between the two. Only one thing common between them is they are 'HRF' Hrithik Roshan's fan. Everything was going good between them and they were at the peak of their romantic relationship. But suddenly destiny played a cruel role which Arya had never expected and that created a vast differences in their happy relationship. Everything got shattered in a single blow, his love, his hope and his dream were also in the row... The book contains the craziness