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Yours Unfaithfully Forever

by Hrithik Verma

ISBN: 9781618134721

Pages: 164, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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"You can't blame the gravity for falling in love" Albert Einstein. Welcome to the love story of pre internet era, a love story without any facebook and whatsapp. Welcome to the innocence of love. "Yours unfaithfully forever" is a story of "Hrithik" not Roshan but Verma, a boy from a small town Haldwani who falls in love with "Kavya" a daughter of a retired army man in his school "D.A.V". Kavya is not interested in Hrithik but Hrithik unremitting endeavor somehow yield some feelings in her heart, they both fall in love and suddenly one day Kavya disappears from his life. Years later Hrithik got the marriage card of Kavya, she was getting married to Sanjay who is the best friend of Hrithik. Hrithik is in Dubai and all he is having is 25 days to get back his love, can he get back the love of his life? Can he manage to inveigle Sanjay not to betray him? Is Kavya really unfaithful? If Kavya not then who is? What you do when your best friend is about to marry your first love, to find out more read the perdurable love story. Come fall in love all over again and feel the nostalgia of your first love. Feel the passion. Know what true love is all about.