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Zero Becomes Infinity

by T.A. Radhakrishnan

ISBN: 9789385247170

Pages: 96, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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In case two equal unlike parallel forces acting in the same plane cancel each other, two established theorems in mechanics show that the X-Co-ordinate of the resultant force is equal to 0/0 and the Y-Co-ordinate of the resultant force is equal to 0/0 where the value of 0/0 is 'indeterminate' while the values range from – ∞ to + ∞; but at the same time each and every value coincides with 0. We may observe that the above condition and the above results are satisfactory when the forces concentrated at the center of mass of a heavenly body are taken into consideration. In this article we see that adherence of a free zero concentration of forces results in the rotating movements of a heavenly body. Hence a body maintained in a 'free zero position' will undergo ceaseless rotations and can serve as a natural source raising endless energy.