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Zimmedari Kiski?

by Balistar Singh Gurjar

ISBN: 9781618135995

Pages: 156, 6x9, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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By the young writer Balistar Singh Gurjar, the book is presented and written in a simple language. The book presents that only human is responsible for anthropomorphic problems in the world. Because every situation in this world can be created by human power. Perhaps that is why Corruption, Terrorism, Rape, Tolerance, Life-Killings, Religious problems, Political issues, Cultural issues and so many other problems are generated by human only. Whenever the man moves away their responsibility, then they may face severe consequences. The presented book is written with youthful thinking, prospective highlighted on the existence of a responsible citizen and the evils of the world which is corruption, terrorism etc. This book will help people to take responsibility for what he actually does.